I hold a deep gratitude for all of the high performers that I work with, since they nourish me as much as I can impact them.


'Rawia had a great turnout and positive feedback for both sessions of the Brand That is You at Words Bookstore Café. She is an eloquent and thoughtful speaker and her energy is contagious. I felt invigorated after the talk and although I know the concepts discussed already, Rawia's presentation reactivated and re-enforced them in my mind.'

- Eileen Abuhamad, Owner, Words Bookstore Café, Palm Square, Kingdom of Bahrain

‘You appear to me quite intuitive, but what is special about it is you put it all in an enlightened knowing context and you see through people which is not too common. The benefit that I got from meeting with you was enormous. I am now planning for my healing center…have a few options…the best of which I am discussing with my future partner. I was wondering if you could be a part of it by adding in your life coaching.’

- Paul Geadah, Ceo, Arabian German Manufacturing Company W.l.l (AGMA)

I recommend Rawia and her services. I felt an immediate connection and at ease immediately.'

- Hiba Hayek, Director, Hayek Designs

‘I would just like to thank you so for introducing me to this amazing way of thinking that has truly changed the way that I look at life! You have made me realise that there is so much more that we can control in our lives than I have ever previously thought or even imagined we could! You have helped me change the way that I look at my work and inspired me to become a much better person and a much more positive one too. No words can quantify how our conversations have changed the way I think but I hope that what I have said above will give you a glimpse. Looking forward to our next conversation!’

- Mohamed Mahmood, Managing Director, Beckett Interiors

‘You’ve taught me some of the best lessons I’ve ever learned in my life.’

- Leon Foxwings, Illustrator / Designer