How I can create the most value and be of most impact to you?

Through one-to-one or intensive group coaching sessions, I will cover all bases that are important for you to deliberately create your dream life and projects. The bases I cover through coaching you, as provided by Master Coach Rich Litvin, author of ‘The Prosperous Coach,’ include:
- Your Vision
- Your Strategy
- Your Mindset
- Your Skillset
- Your Energy

Living an extraordinary life within Your Vision requires small nudges of perspective. Simple adjustments to your daily routine can go a long way in creating massive changes. All coaching sessions include intensive learning and immersion with applied activities and challenges that make you lean in to your success a little more, a step at a time.

For high performers

One-to-One deep coaching, for exceptional High Performers, whose time is most often more valuable than money. Our work together will be deep, personal and confidential. Uncovering hidden blocks and applying in their place tools that you can use towards greater success in all parameters of life, including your personal, professional and spiritual freedom.

The questions that I will challenge you with include:

  • Can you re-create your destiny?
  • Can you learn to find contentment with all parts of your life, before they change for the better?
  • Can you set clear intentions and have enough commitment and courage to see them through?
  • Can you find enjoyment through the process of creation rather than in the expected results?

One-to-One coaching is for you if you are committed and courageous enough to live life as a ‘Deliberate Creator’ as opposed to a ‘Default Creator’. Life will happen to you in all cases, however if you have a great dream and want to manifest it into your reality, then there are powerful tools that can bring it about.

My coaching work with you necessarily covers a minimum period of 6 – 12 months, in which we can evoke transformational change. There is a minimum investment of BD1,000 up to BD 5,000 depending on our work together. But in all cases, you must be committed to creating a powerful life, on a personal, professional or spiritual level, with lasting impact.

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For talent performance

2-3 Day Intensive Coaching Sessions, for exceptional talent, who require a rebirth or reform of their current projects or processes. Or for talented individuals who desire, or are in the process of initiating their dream projects. These intensive sessions can take place individually or conducted in groups of up to 7 participants. I will raise the flame burning within each participant, discovering what makes each of you tick. Applying strong self-awareness, uncovering blocks in the way of your highest intentions, and discovering your powerful strengths and capabilities. We will play together, rewiring thoughts and beliefs that are harmonious towards the manifestation of your dreams and mapping out the steps to get you what you really want. You will leave the session with a clear vision, and more vigor and energy towards the fulfillment of your stated dreams.

Dynamic Group Sessions can also take place in person or remotely (i.e.: over the phone) conducted between 5-7 participants, over 1-2 sessions per month over 3 months. Most likely the individuals in the group will be people who you have never met, however you will leave the session gaining dynamic perspectives and a support network of people who you will learn about on a very personal level. Sometimes the bonds created from these workshops are life-long. You bring yourself and your desires and we will sift through the clarity of your vision, mindset, available skill sets and how you are using your energy or coming across to others. We will create magic through activities, role plays and individual challenges that make you lean further into your edge.

Tickets to enter the Dynamic Group Sessions start at BD450. Early bird discounts of up to 50% are applicable. First come, first serve…terms and conditions apply. 

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